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This is only a representation of granite colors and no necessary stock colors we recommend you to stop by our showroom to look at the actual stock.

( Igneous)
Granite is formed deep in the earth’s surface under great heat and pressure. Granite is formed from molten magma exceeding 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit and compressed for millions of years to produce some of the hardest material on Earth. 

Unlike metamorphic stone, granite’s base, or chemical makeup, is siliceous rather than calcerous. Siliceous based stone is made from silica, similar to silica sand, and since it is composed of quartz, it is extremely hard, only slightly different than the makeup of a diamond. Diamonds are the hardest material known. These facts are important when you consider purchasing natural stone for certain applications. Not all stone, even if it considered “hard” stone, is appropriate for all areas in your home or building. 

Granite with its silica base is impervious to almost any acidic items that you would use in your home. Most people don’t think of lemons or vinegar as something that would damage a surface of any kind, but they do when it comes to marble or almost any other metamorphic stone. Pure acids have been poured on granites and left there for some time. There is no affect, not even etching. Consumer Reports rated granite countertops as “the toughest surface that you can put in a kitchen, let alone the most dynamic”.  Much of the “old world” was built with these stones and is still here today, so it should certainly last in your kitchen. 

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